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What is Heather's Personality?

In the first few books, Heather is one of the most hostile of the Trio to Sasha. She is determined to torture her and make her feel unconfident. Heather is intimidating, and students think of her as the Queen Bee on campus. She always gets her way and students follow her style of dressing and design. Heather's style of fighting is words that sting and to make the victim feel horrible. She is cold-hearted, cruel, and mean, and sometimes even her friends are stung by what she may say to them. She is also confused, as shown with her relationship with Ben. She doesn't trust a lot of people and is always the leader of the clique, whether it's at Chesterfield or Canterwood. If her friends behave immaturely, Heather is always angry. However, Heather's true nature is hidden by emotional problems with her parents. In the later books, Heather is sympathetic to Sasha, though she tries not to show it. She honestly cares about her, and defends Sasha against Jasmine before they even became friends. She cares about Alison and Julia more than any of her friends, but when Julia betrays them, she is not hesitant to kick her out of the clique and tell her to confess. She has a deep sense of self-confidence in herself.

She is also sarcastic and teases her friends, not to hurt but to play around. She is also funny and nice, and enjoys knowing about the big cities, compared to small-town Sasha. Heather is also insecure about boys, though she goes after many and gets almost all of them.

Heather is also deeply hurt by her parent's attitudes toward her, and though she refuses to admit it, would have wanted them to care more. Unfortunately, Heather's parents ignore and pressure her so much, she has become used to it and is not surprised when her mother leaves her party, or when her father is angry at her for coming to his office.

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