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I'm sorry, im not answering, but, WHY ARE ALL THESE ADS POPPING UP??!! I dont have an account so I can't go on the talk page..really sorry.

Because if you don't have an account you got ads everywhere. You still can edit on a talk page. And this is not really the place to put if you aren't going to answer. And new student called Brit comes on the advanced team, already on the YENT. Jacob was going to tell Callie the truth about the night of the party, but it turns out she already knows. Jacob likes Sasha again; in fact, mostly, he's never stopped liking her. The Snow QueenSnow is falling... 12:06, August 25, 2011 (UTC)

Sorry again..but where is the talk page? SO SORRY. I know i'm not answering I am really sorry and I know but I didn't know how to get on so... I know "Not The Place" so no need to tell me again I just neeed to know how to get on the talk page. Again..super sorry

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