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Mid- Winter break Clinic! Only problem is Callie, Allison, Heather, and Julia were invited too. After the way things went at the Soriee, the line between friend and frienemy is thinner then ever. Why wouldn't Callie just believe that Sasha wanted Jacob back and DIDN'T like Eric. Sure, she ws spending a lot of time with him, but Paige was at her cooking show, and Callie hates her!! Plus lets mention the Belles. The eigth grade advanced riding group that put Heather down to bow!! A dare so terrible it winds them all in trouble. Now Sasha, Callie, Alison, Julia Heather, and The Belles are banned from riding for two whole weeks. So their enemy from Wellington Prep, Jasmine King who was also invited to the clinic, gets to ride in the demo, a ride in front of the scouts for possible YENT members. How will Sasha get Jacob and Callie back, and how will she ride? The fact that Julia and Alison have been spending alot of time with Callie doesn't help. Callie seems convinced that Sasha has Eric, and now that Heather stole Ben, Julia's Bf away, they are having some troubles. So also how could Heather reassemble the Trio? Is it only a matter of time before Canterwood changes forever??

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