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Chosen begins in Red Oak Trials at a cross-country competition, 18 months before the present time. Lauren Towers, the point of view, is certain and cocky she will win. She mounts Skyblue, the school gelding she rides, and enters the starting box. The bell rings and Lauren and Skyblue race through every jump beautifully, making good time and proper jump form. Soon they are at the last jump, a vertical, and Lauren closes on the finish line and counts strides. Just before the bush, however, as the crowd cheers and screams, Skyblue digs his hooves into the grass and stops. Lauren, unprepared, flies over his head and slams into the ground, nearly unconscious. The crowd screams, and an ambulance siren is heard. Mr. Wells bends over her and she manages to ask if Skyblue is alright. He is fine, and her mother and father kneel beside her with a strange expression on their face. Then, Lauren passes out and everything goes black. The Snow QueenSnow is falling... 15:12, July 5, 2011 (UTC)

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